Mission Statement

Northeast Traffic Control is committed to meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our customers. We do that by providing high-quality, personalized 24-hour service and by carrying only the most reliable and innovative traffic control products available.

Office Building

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Core Values

We are acutely aware that our people are our most important resource. For this reason, we strive to form a culture that values employee engagement and rewards forward-thinking. We do not rest on our laurels. We continuously seek improvement and our people are the engine that keeps us moving forward.

1.) Safety
We take pride in the fact that our occupation helps make the world a safer place; whether it be for our own employees, contractors, or the general public. Our day to day operations keep safety as our number one concern.
Innovation: We recognize that innovation is a fundamental component of growth. Thus, we continuously look to incorporate new processes and technological advancements into our operations. By closely observing technological advancements in our field, we believe we can help our customers realize superior returns.

2.) Building Relationships
A key tenant of our business philosophy is to find the most mutually beneficial scenario possible in all cases to help build strong relationships. We recognize that serving the best interests of our employees, and our customers also serve our best interests.

3.) Professionalism
In order to develop long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships, our industry requires the highest degree of professionalism. Northeast Traffic is committed to this doctrine and institutes it at every level of our organization.

4.) Collaboration
Finally, Northeast Traffic recognizes that on average, the performance of a team far outpaces the performance of an individual. For that reason, we value disparate points of view and pursue the idea with the most merit; not necessarily the idea from the person with the highest status.